Empty Tomb

Empty Tomb | Easter-Matthew 27: 62 – 28:15

Jesus died on the cross, and his body laid in a new tomb. But on the resurrection day, early in the morning, the tomb was empty. These things made embarrassed and distracted to some...
Good Friday

Good Friday | Luke 23: 26-56

Today the day of ‘Good Friday '. On that Friday (the day when Jesus crucified) people standing near the cross and watch Jesus died. They might not call it ‘good’ Friday if asked. The...
John 13:14

Meaningful Life | John 13: 1-17

Meaningful Life. A prayer meeting was conducted in the church and in that meeting preacher from other church invited to preach in the church on Maundy Thursday night. After the feet wash ceremony, church...
1 Peter 4:19

Leave it to God | John 13: 12-30

Leave it to God. Serving God is a great thing, but while serving God one may go through many test and betrayal is one among them. Many fall into the trap of betrayal. There was...
Luke 19:38

Bad Christian | (Luke 19: 28-38)

Before the death of Jesus on the cross, His victory walk to Jerusalem revealed that “HE is the LORD”. He instructed his disciples that if anyone asked while bringing the colt to tell them,...
tomorrows worries

Tomorrow’s worries |Matthew 6: 25-34

Matthew 6: 25-34 There was a gentleman who had lots of chickens. One of them was a cock which was crowing from time to time. Their neighbors were having a problem due to this. One...