How to receive God’s blessings

God’s blessings is something that we all wanted in our life.

God blessed Abraham abundantly, and through Abraham’s seed, all the nations and all people can harness God’s blessings. Genesis 12:1-3, “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.” I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse, and in you, all the families of the earth shall be blessed”. This blessing was passed on to Isaac (Genesis 21:12), then Jacob (Genesis 35:9-12).

Throughout the lives of God’s anointed people, they were protected from untold harm. In a dream, God warned a man from touching Abraham’s wife – Genesis 20:7” Now return the man’s wife, for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you, and you will live. But if you do not return her, you may be sure that you and all who belong to you will die.” God, later on, protected Abraham’s grandson Jacob by warning Laban Genesis 31:24

 My friends no one messes with God’s anointed. So endeavour to gain God’s favor before the coming great day of the Lord (the Tribulation period). We will discuss how shortly.

We may think did God keep his promise? A promise to bless Abraham and his seed?  Well, even though the Jews and Israel rejected God and Jesus, let’s consider the following:

– There are an estimated 14.6 million Jews in the world, just a tiny .01 % of a 7.7 billion world population. Yet the Jewish people have been awarded the most significant percentage of Nobel Peace prizes than any other race at 27%! Those mentioned above, even after the Holocaust wiped out 1/3rd of their population.

 – Israel has more high tech start-ups and a broader venture capital industry per capita than any other country in the world.

 – Israel is back in the land that God gave to them as an everlasting covenant – even after thousands of years scattered throughout the earth – they are right back in their covenant land. Yet though invaded by armies and nations vastly larger than them, they easily beat them in 1948 and 1967 and several other wars over the past 60 years.

 One can only surmise from the examples above that this can only be a result of the supernatural power of these prophetic God’s blessings.

Let us acknowledge that neither the Jews and Israel (who rejected God) nor any other person or nation is deserving of these powerful blessings, as we are all sinners. It is through the grace of God, the prophetic blessing unconditionally bestowed on all of us who ask for it with faith.

How you and I can harness God’s blessings? 

We, too, can acquire such great favor from our creator. Did you know that when you are in the will of God, His angel surrounded us who will protect you from untold dangers!

 – 1 Chronicle 16:21-22 says, “Do not touch My anointed ones.” Also read: Isaiah 54:17

When God blesses man, it is a blessing of abundance. The abundance of health, success, prosperity, both materially and spiritually! We, in turn, give back to God through thanksgiving, reverence, obedience, praise, and worship. Just like the reverence and respect, you would provide an earthly King with the power to take you down in a split second 

 So to harness God’s blessings on our lives:

 – We must trust God.  Jeremiah 17:7 “…blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.”

Blessings come from God through trust in Him. Trust is the key factor for all. If we don’t trust God at all, then how can we receive the blessing from him? As the Bible also clearly says, trust the Lord your God whole-heartily. 

 – We must obey God to receive Prophetic blessings. Read Deuteronomy 28:1-2

Obey God’s command leads to blessing. Abraham obeyed what God asked him to do. Following and obeying, God’s command is two different things. One may follow God’s command, but obey God commands means put it into action what God asked to do. The blessing will come after if we obey God’s command.


 – God promises to guard and protect us when we, in turn, love him back by keeping his commandments Exodus 19:5-7 and Exodus 20:6


 – We should strive to serve God in any way that we can. When we do this, God promises the following:

 Isaiah 54:17: “no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their explanation from me, declares the Lord.”

Through Abraham’s seed Jesus Christ, a Jew from the line of King David would sacrifice his life at the cross, to offer all people and all Nations access to heaven, to those who accept his blood as a substitute for sin. God blessed all people and all nations through his everlasting promise to Abraham and his seed in this way!

The good news folks are that we are all from the seed of Abraham (all nations and all peoples alike), and we all can receive the prophetic blessing from our creator, God almighty!

Abraham knew that who the source of his blessing was. He knew his creator very well, and he wholeheartedly devoted to HIM alone. God is the source of all things that created in this earth. The only thing is that people of the land to do is remember their creator and realize that HE alone is the source of everything, including the blessing that we all receive.


If we want the blessing from God, then we should also be a blessing to others. God said that as you sow, you will reap. 

God’s grace is something that not in our hands. It is in the hands of the mighty God. It depends upon him whether He gives it to us or not. But honestly, our LORD is so generous that He gave it freely to us.

Let’s close this by pronouncing God’s glory and praise His Holy name. May God’s blessings be upon us. Amen.


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