The Resurrection of the Christ | Bible Story

The Resurrection of the Christ is story about Jesus that occurred after HIS death.

The story starts when Jesus body was remained on the cross until day after his death. It was Sunday, early morning. Everything was quiet. Just like that, the first ray of light in the sky shone, the ground trembled and shook. An angel came and rolled over the sealed tomb. The security personnel ran away with too much fear.

The Resurrection of the Christ

When the women came to the tomb with their spices, the tomb door was open, and Jesus’ body was not there. The angel told them:

Do not be afraid, “he said,” I know you are looking for Jesus. But he is not here. He has risen from the dead. Look, this is where his body was kept. Go and tell his friends. You will see Him soon. ‘


Friends of Jesus could not believe the story of women. They thought that the resurrection of the Christ was just an imagination only.


But Peter and John went to the tomb to see these things on their own.


John rushed there, running faster than Peter. He looked inside the tomb but did not go inside. When Peter came, they both went inside.


The cloth from which Jesus was wrapped or untouched lay there and the cloth wrapped on his head was a short distance away. John knew that no one could steal Jesus’ body. All the women have said it is true Jesus has risen from the dead! They both went home. But Mary Magdalene, who came with him, stayed there. She was standing there and crying. He saw a man whom she thought as a gardener.


If you have taken him out of here, she said, please kindly tell me where I will find Him. She did not know that she was talking to Jesus. Then Jesus said, ‘Mary!’ He soon recognized who He was. She was pleased.


Jesus said, “Tell my friends that you have seen me.”


That same day Cleopas and another friend of Jesus are going to their house on the outskirts of Jerusalem going to Emmaus. While they were talking, an unknown person started walking with them.


‘Why are you sad? He asked


‘Are you the only person in Jerusalem who does not know about the events happening in the last few days?’ Cleopas answered.


Why? What happened? .’ He asked.


Cleopas told him about Jesus of Nazareth. “He was a great teacher. We thought he was the king according to the promise given by God. But people killed him on the cross on Friday. Then this morning some women went to His grave. They told the body, was not found there, and an angel told them that Jesus has risen. ‘The traveler asked him, “Why are you upset?”


Don’t you know that the prophets had already told that everything would happen, ‘and then he started explaining to them.


When they reached home, they invited him to come inside.


“Now it is evening, come and have a meal with us.” When the meal was ready, the traveler took the bread, thanked God. Then they realized that this unknown person was Jesus, and as soon as they recognized him, Jesus disappeared from there.


Filled with happiness, they soon reached Jerusalem and told his friends about the incident.


One day all the disciples were gathered, including other friends. “It must be true,” he said, “even Peter has seen.”


The door of the room was closed. The disciples were all scared. Suddenly Jesus stood there. At first, they were terrified and thought it was probably a ghost! But Jesus calmed them. He showed them the marks of nails in his hands and feet. Then they realized that this is Jesus.


‘Touch me!’ He said, ‘There is no flesh nor bone of ghosts.’ Then they realized that He was Jesus. They could hardly believe that all this was true. They loved to see and talk to Him again.


Jesus asked, “Do you have anything to eat? They gave him some fish and saw him eating. After that, there was no doubt in his mind. It was Jesus. He is the truth. He is alive!”


Jesus explained to them that everything that happened has happened according to God’s plan. He told this plan from God’s law, from the book of the prophets, and psalms.


Jesus said the Son of God had to die with grief and was to live again.” The price of punishment for sins has been paid. Death has been conquered. Now God grants forgiveness to all those who believe in him and come to him for a new life. This is good news for people of every Nation. And you will go and tell them.”


Since Thoma was not with him that evening, he refuses to believe his story of the resurrection of Christ. Unless he sees the nail mark and put a finger in his hands where the nail was, and touch the wound on his side, Thomas says, “I cannot believe that he is alive.


¬†A week later, they were together again. The door was closed. Suddenly Jesus stood there. He said, “Look for the nail marks in my hands,” “Look at the sword sign on my side. Stop doubting.” His suspicions were gone, and he said, “my Lord, my God.”


Hope you enjoyed reading the resurrection of the Christ story. Let the  resurrected LORD help us to go more closer to HIM.


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