Cain and Abel Story

Cain and Abel story is prevalent for some people. Many of you may hear the name of Cain, who was the firstborn child of Adam and Eve.


They were very happy for Cain as God gave them their firstborn as a gift to them. They both loved him very much and took good care of him.


Cain was not the only child of his parent. After many years God gave them the second gift as Abel. Cain and Abel story started from here.


Slowly Abel grew older, and he was very dear to his mother. Both brothers now started helping their father in his work.


Adam and eve loved Cain and Abel very much and taught them about God’s presence. They used to share their story about their past life. 


How God used to talk to them and how they were enjoying staying in the creation of God. They didn’t obey God’s commandment. It was about not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They were thrown out of the Garden of Eden and not allowed to enter, because of their disobedient.


Also, due to disobedient, they had to work hard for their livelihood.


Cain became a farmer. He used to work hard in the field to plough, sow the seed and harvest the grain. He became a master in his work and thought high about it.


Abel chooses to take care of the sheep of his father. He became a shepherd.

Then came a time when both Cain and Abel had to offer their things to God. After the harvest, Cain brought some portion from his harvest and offered to God. Cain wanted to thank God by offering this way.


Abel offers one of his best sheep without flaw one to God. Both their offering were good, but God accepted the offering of Abel. 


We cannot buy the love of God by offering things to Him. He wants to know how we are and how our heart is.


Abel was a good man, and God saw his heart. So God pleased with his offering. He felt happy when he saw God accepted his offering.


Cain also offers the best from his harvest, but God didn’t accept his offering. God saw the heart of Cain also, but he didn’t love God as Abel does. So God rejected his offering.


Cain became very angry and jealous of his brother. So he knew that God was not happy with his gift. God even asked him, “why are you so angry and why do you become sad?” if you do good, why will your offering be accepted? Sin is about to enter in you, but you have to overcome it.


But even after all these things, Cain didn’t stop hating his brother. he didn’t listen to what God said to him. 


Now Cain started to plan something of his own and wanted to take revenge. So one day he asked Abel to go out to the field. When both were alone at the ground, Cain killed his brother Abel. 


Cain and Abel Story didn’t end here.


Cain thought no one saw what he did. He was terrified and ran away from there, but nothing hidden from God. He sees everything.


All of a sudden, God said to Cain, “where is your brother Abel?” Cain was so afraid for what he had done to his brother. But he replied to God that he did not know where his brother is and is he a keeper of his brother?


But God knew everything and said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground. Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand.  When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.”  


God punished him by separating him from his home and his family forever. His life was not at ease all the time, and he was not at peace for the rest of his life. 


It is always shameful to live a life like Cain and the mistake he had done. Many people do the same things as he did, but still, they don’t want to realize or repent. They don’t like others success and hate others. Such kind of people will never get peace in their life. They will always be like Cain only and wanted to stay like that in the rest of their life.


Cain and Abel Story have something to say to you. God sees everything, whether you are in or out. When you do anything wrong or bad, God sees everything. You cannot hide from him either your sin. 


If people go away from the presence of God, then they will never be in peace in the rest of their life. They will always lack the blessing and peace of God in their life.


Those who obey God and stay in His presence will always be in the shadow of the mighty God. Peace and heavenly blessing will always follow the rest of their life.  


God never discriminates. He sees people heart and not the things what they offer. The only things God wants is our heart a pure heart. Whatever we offer wholeheartedly, God will accept it. 


Remember, always follow God’s way, not your way. For God, still, there is a hope of repentance. God never wanted his creation to be destroyed, just like that. He wanted people to stay in his presence. 


Stay away from sin or else sin will have a grip over your life and later very difficult to get rid of it. It will destroy the life slowly like cancer.


Hope everyone enjoyed reading Cain and Abel story.




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