Faithful and wise servant of God | Matthew 24:32-44

Are you a faithful and wise servant of God? 

When I was a child, my father used to travel a lot as his job required. Sometimes it happened that mom and dad both used to go leaving my brother and me alone at home. We used to like to live in freedom without the presence of our parent. But one thing that we didn’t like was cleaning dirty utensils.

I remember that after finishing cooking and eating, the dirty utensils we used to keep in a big basket without cleaning it. We were keeping all the utensils without cleaning like that for one week. My parents returning time was arriving, so we both checked the basket and found the lots of utensils to be cleaned. Both of us started cleaning it, and it took hours to clean all the dirty utensils. If my parent had come before the destined time what it would have happened? Surely we must have felt ashamed.

But in what definite time Christ will come, we never know (Matthew 24: 36, 42), so in the journey of our Christian life, we should not slow down or become lazy.  In any moment He might come, and this waiting might make us ‘faithful and wise servant’ of God. “And when he comes back in His glory we may be confident and not ashamed before him” (1 John 2:28). Therefore, let it help us for right living.

We are living in an uncertain world where we don’t know what will happen tomorrow or today. Whether we will see tomorrow or not? We are living in a time of turbulence. The very next moment, what will happen nobody knows, and everything seems uncertain.

But amid all uncertainty, there is still one thing certain. Guess what it might be? Think of the glorious future what is about to come.

Yes, as Christ promise of His return, He will come with his glory. Perhaps it may happen today also. Do you have any dirty utensils with you? Now, this is the right time to clean it up at the earliest. Don’t wait for tomorrow, instead start to do it from today and now onward.

Are you prepare well in the second coming of Jesus? If not this the high time for us to prepare well and wait upon the Lord and will receive reward who patiently wait for Him.

May the mighty GOD helps us to be faithful  and wise servant of God till He returns.  


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