Leave it to God | John 13: 12-30

Leave it to God. Serving God is a great thing, but while serving God one may go through many test and betrayal is one among them. Many fall into the trap of betrayal.

There was a pastor in a particular church and was encouraging a talented young man to serve the Lord.  The pastor sends him to Bible College to study and bear all the expenditure of him. He finished his study and came back to the church. The pastor provided him with a lot of opportunities to preach in his church.

He wanted the young man to be a good preacher and tried his best to make him the same. But that ungrateful young man was so arrogant of his study and knowledge that he started to show off. He even talked against the pastor and slowly tried to overpower him. It hurt the pastor so much that he left the church. The young man nominated as Pastor of the church after the pastor left the congregation.

Our Lord Jesus Christ also went through the same situation of betrayal. Twelve disciples were with Jesus more than three, but even after that also Iscariot Judas betrayed him. Lord Jesus trained him; moreover, he saw many miracles done by Jesus. He also washed his feet before the last supper. Still, for only 30 pieces of silver he sold Jesus into the hands of the enemy.

When Jesus predicts about his betrayal (John 13:18), He told about David’s passage (Psalm 41:9). David who already faced the betrayal.

Even though Jesus knew that his disciple would betray him, but still He wanted to fulfil LORD’s will and done accordingly. He set an example for us. He taught us, serve others not to get praise from people but for our love and compulsion towards God.

Dear friends, have you ever betrayed by someone? If so, then console yourself by knowing that fulfilling God’s will is the ultimate saturation. As Jesus complete fulfilling God’s will, so we do.

If someone betrays you, then leave it to God.

So then, those who suffer according to God’s will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good.” (1 Peter 4:19)


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