Meaningful Life | John 13: 1-17

Meaningful Life. A prayer meeting was conducted in the church and in that meeting preacher from other church invited to preach in the church on Maundy Thursday night. After the feet wash ceremony, church gifted a piece of cloth to the preacher. The cloth was with a picture of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples’.

The Preacher kept that valuable gift in his display board of living room for many years. But one day his son by mistake took the cloth and used for cleaning the car. In a few days, the cloths became dark black due to dust, grease, Mobil oil etc. The black colour dirt was still in the cloth after many washes also.

The preacher was feeling very upset of thinking that after keeping so many years the cloth was spoiled due to the mistake of his son. Few crucial questions came to his mind by seeing the cloth. He thought, what was the real purpose of the cloth? To keep it in a display board of the living room or for cleaning things? So, he questioned himself, the purpose of his life is to show as a display thing or to serve others?

Jesus after washing the feet of the disciples wiped in the cloth, didn’t the cloth get dirty? The work of the cloth was to wipe the dirt and make it clean. Jesus said, “I am your teacher and Lord, have to wash your feet; you also should wash one another’s feet” (John 13:14).

Meaningful Life

Credit: Photo by Jonas Canales

Today, the preacher’s that black dirt cloth reminds us that, if anyone does not serve others then their life will be meaningless. But those who serve others as a servant, they will be dirty every day, but surely their life will be a meaningful life.

Display things look very clean, but life serving others get dirt for others


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