Noah’s Ark | Bible Story

Genesis  5:32-10:1

Noah’s Ark. A long time had passed. Many people born and died on the earth. They had children, they too grew up and died. And throughout this time wrong things became dominating in this world of God, and the world became very bad. People used to fight each other. They used to hate each other and to hurt others. They were continuously sinning against God.


Those people never cared about God, nor did they mean that God is their life. Nobody believed God’s words, and then God was very sad to make humans. Now God could have done just one task, and that is to create a new world with the new ones.


With great sadness, God decided to end all the living creatures found in this world. He decided that he would destroy the world by flooding water. But there was a good man on the earth who was living like a friend of God.


His name was Noah. God spoke to Noah about the Flood and told him about his intentions. He wanted to save Noah and his family. God told Noah to make a huge Ark. That Noah’s Ark should have been so large that it could include Noah and his wife, his three sons, Shem, Ham, Japheth and their wife. Simultaneously, it was necessary to have a pair of animals and birds of each kind.


It was essential to have a meal for every animal and bird for a long time. Noah listened to God and did the same as he had been told to do.


People used to come to see him making the Ark. That work was going to take a lot of time. Every day when people asked him what he was doing, he used to tell them about the things God told him and the destruction of the earth with the flood of water. But people did not pay attention to his talk.


They thought that Noah had gone mad. People used to think that surely this is crazy, then he is making such a massive ship on the dry land, miles away from the rivers and the sea. But Noah did not stop to say to them and made the ship. He continued to build the ark and finally got ready.


When he completed the task God had given him, then it started to rain.


On that day Noah entered the Ark with his family and all the animals, all the birds, as God had told them to do. Then God closed the door of Noah’s ark very firmly.


It began to rain with a massive storm. This rain continued for several days. All the rivers filled with rainwater and their water spread on the ground. That water reached Noah’s ark. The water level slowly started increasing and ground covered with deep water, and then Noah’s ark floated above the water. Noah’s entire family was in that ship.


After that, there were continuous rains, and everything on earth submerges under the flood water. No one alive, nothing was visible, the peaks of the hills were also not visible anywhere. Only Noah, his family, and the animals on board were alive. The whole earth was empty and became deserted.


Finally, the rainwater stopped. The water slowly decreased, and then Noah’s ship came near a mountain and got stuck. Noah wanted to know if the ground was so dry that he could get out of the boat. Then he opened a window of the ship and flew a crow. When the crow did not return then, Noah flew a pigeon. The pigeon did not see any dry ground anywhere, so he came back to the ship and Noah took it in.


Next time when the pigeon was flying, he returned with a new green leaf of the olive tree in his beak. Then Noah knew that the water spread on the ground is now drying up. The third time when Noah flew away from the dove, he did not come back. Soon, Noah also saw a dry ground outside his ship.


Then God told Noah that now the time has come when he has to leave the ship and build his house again in a new and clean earth. Noah’s family and animals began to move out of the ship with joy to come to the dry land. Then he thanked God greatly because HE saved them all.


They stacked stones and placed woods on them so that they can offer sacrifice and thank God. And when the sun arises, along with it, a beautiful rainbow was seen in the sky. Then God promised Noah that he would never destroy the earth by bringing the flood of water again. The rainbow that appears in the sky is a sign for all the people that God will always keep his promise.


Noah's Ark Bible story


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